Go Kyung Pyo Reply 1988

Who does Bo Ra marry in Reply 1988?

5. Sun Woo and Bo Ra. via

Is Reply 1988 a true story?

Reply 1988

This well loved K-drama's story was not based in real story, but one of its characters was inspired by a real person. Park Bo Gum's role is actually inspired by Lee Chang Ho, who is a real-life Baduk player, and won a lot of local and international Baduk tournaments. via

What happens to Jung Hwan in Reply 1988?

The one 'change' that happened - was more a deletion - had to do with Jung Hwan. Apparently (and there are clues in the drama pointing to this) he died in a military plane crash which was going to be revealed in the final episode. But the producers felt that would be a downer so just left it off. via

Does Reply 1988 have a happy ending?

In the end, Hyeri showed her deep understanding of how the audience felt. “Honestly, because so many people loved the drama, there isn't an ending that could have satisfied everyone. It would have been difficult problem whichever side Duk Sun chose.” via

Are the reply series connected?

All three are set in the same world with a few recurring characters and some blink-and-you'll-miss-it connections. This means the depth of the story can change depending on how you watch it! via

What is Deok Sun job?

Deok Sun becomes a flight attendant, which is still a coveted job in South Korea today among college graduates. Jung Bong (who took more than seven years to get accepted by a college) becomes a celebrity chef. Like Deok Sung, Dong Ryong — the boy above in the middle — was a failure at school. via

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