Tinggi Badan Irene Red Velvet

Tinggi badan Irene adalah 160 cm dan berat badan Irene adalah 44 kg. Golongan darah Irene adalah A, sedangkan zodiaknya adalah Aries. Irene adalah anggota tertua di Red Velve sehingga ia diangkat menjadi leader grup. Irene juga sering dianggap sebagai anggota Red Velvet tercantik. via

Who has a crush on Irene?

During Irene's acceptance speech after winning the Top 10 Award at the Melon Music Awards 2016, EXO's Chanyeol was captured reacting to Irene's beauty by mouthing “Ah…She's pretty.” After noticing he was on camera, he quickly buried his head in his hands from embarrassment, but by then his possible crush on Irene was via

Is Irene popular in Korea?

Irene is notorious for being the CF and visual queen of this generation. She fits the Korean beauty standard to a T so her face is plastered everywhere. It helps that Kpop fans are really rabid when it comes to supporting their faves so anything that they have endorsed they will most likely buy. via

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